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Unit advantage and Lease Condition

Close to public transportation.

1 year lease.


a)Applicant’s weekly income should cover the monthly rent (except for students,retired & disabled persons)

b) Initial payment: (3 months rent)= DEPOSIT+ LAST MONTH+ FIRST MONTH.

c) Additional renovations at the rate of $10/month extra for $200 expense.

d) Pets are not permitted on the premises.

e) Heat will be maintained (1 Oct. to 30 April) at 68 degrees F.

f) Tenants must maintain a telephone in the apartment, accessible to F.A.


1. 3705 Powelton Avenue, 3rd Front (1.3F) Large Studio inclusive of utilities.

1A.3705 Powelton Avenue, 3rd Rear (1.3R) Large Studio inclusive of utilities

5, 3620 Baring Street, First Front (10.1F) : Rent inclusive of all utilities.

6. 3620 Baring Street, 2nd Front (10.2F) Rent inclusive of utilities.

7. 3431 Spring Garden, Lower Level Middle (11.LLM) : Rent plus electricity and gas. Child safe.

8. 501N 35th Street (11.1C) : Rent plus electricity and gas.

9.501N 35th St. 2nd Front (11.2C) Rent plus electricity and gas.

10. 501N 35th Street, 3C (11.3C) Third Front, Rent plus electricity & gas.


Store for Merchandise at 3802 Lancaster Avenue, First Floor (2.1F) Rent plus electricity and gas. Area 685 Sq. ft.